Who We Are

A group of young, enthusiastic, and well-experienced team has started a unit to cater the global market of washers and sheet metal components (Fix and Vario Hook (Haken), Adapterblech). By supplying Products meeting the international standards passing through the stringent quality tests, we aim to grow with the commitment to Consistent Quality and on-time delivery.

NAVGRAH commits for burr-free and shining washers and sheet metal components all the time it remains.

Navgrah Fastners Pvt. Ltd. (NFPL) is a step forward to cater and meet the global demand of fasteners.

NFPL is a leader in producing and supplying Stainless steel washers & Various Hooks (Haken) and all fastening parts for the solar mounting systems in stainless steel with powder coating or shot blasting.

Fasteners are the basic requirement in the mechanical industry. Any big projects like ships, Electronics, buildings, automobiles, aeronautics, refineries, power plants it is even required in the home also.

The range of fasteners is very big like, nuts, bolts, washers, cotter pins, dowel pins, etc And all these have various dimensions, sizes and varieties in hundreds. These fasteners use different base materials. All these materials have different types of properties depending on end-use.

The fasteners have very huge demands. Today’s scenario is towards the use of high-quality material (stainless steel), which does withstand its quality for years.


Navgrah Fastners Pvt. Ltd. established in 2006, is a manufactures Stainless Steel Washers, Sheet Metal Parts, Stampings, Solar Mounting Hooks, Connectors, and Accessories. We produce according to customer requirements, depending on the standards of the importing country, or according to the norms of various quality standards. We specialize in providing the best solutions for the most difficult situation in the automotive field and other industries. Navgrah means top-level customer service to study the best solution to satisfy the customer. When it comes to quality, corrosion resistance, and traceability – there is no one better. We deliver safety and reliability in the world of fastners, We insist on providing customers high efficiency, high quality, and high satisfaction, globally and with continuous innovation.

Navgrah means big experience and a complete range of certified and guaranteed products chosen every day for their quality and performance. our strength lies in our excellent price-quality ratio for a very large and innovative production.


To become global Leader in Fasteners Manufacturing.


To practice quality management system in pursuit of excellence.